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How to Create Ad Campaigns that Designers Love

Designers hold the keys to the way we interact with the world. This creative group is always looking to improve skills, stay up-to-date on trends, and push the boundaries of…

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The Competition In Ad Tech Is Just Getting Started

Another week, another headline mourning the death of ad tech. Pundits have been quick to call an end of competition in digital advertising as Google and Facebook’s market shares grow.…

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One Step Forward for Verizon, Two Steps Back for Consumers

From Amazon to Verizon, it’s looking like the markets are set to correct the duopoly. Recent news from Verizon shows its current strategy to gain market share is to pool…

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Advertising Is the Answer to the Media’s Problems

No one will ever pay for something they can get for free. And yet publishers are still pushing for paid content models. It’s no secret that falling ad revenues and…

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Even The World’s Largest Advertisers Struggle to Fix Ad Tech

Marc Pritchard of P&G ushered in ad tech’s year of transparency when he said online marketing was “crappy” at an event in February. In the same speech, he promised that…

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How To Use Relationship-Based Sales To Supercharge Marketing

After years of working in sales, I’ve learned there are two common ways to approach the selling process. The first is transactional sales. This is when a client approaches a…

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Audio to Action: Driving Leads through Podcast Ads

On a Sunday evening in 1938, families crowded around radios listening to the end of the world. News bulletins narrated an alien invasion that was spreading across the East Coast.…

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Ads.txt and Transparency’s Muddy Truth

This old adage helps programmers write efficient code, doctors make accurate diagnoses, and pilots determine flight paths. And now, ad tech might be embracing it, too. The IAB introduced ads.txt…

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Facebook Publisher Targeting Update Keeps Advertisers in the Dark

Marketers looking for brand safety will be let down by Facebook’s announcement to roll out new blacklist controls for placements on Instant Articles, in-stream ads, and the Facebook Audience Network.…

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