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Hey IAB, It’s Time To Shake Hands So We Can Start Building The Future

As the industry struggles to solve all of the privacy and user-experience problems with ad tech this year, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about exactly how the…

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The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do When Working From Home Full Time Is Sleep

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve been fortunate enough to work remotely for most of my young, professional life. It started working for a web development company, then again…

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The Future Of Advertising Is Curation, Not Bots Calling The Shots

No matter how hot those bots are that keep calling the shots, they’ll never actually be better than humans at navigating the ongoing advertising chess match between scammers and publishers.…

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It’s 2016, Should Your Employees Work from Home?

The allure of working from home is powerful. The flexible schedule, custom hours and comforts of home are hard to turn down. Plus you can ditch that commute and the…

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The Time For Blaming Ad Block Users Is Over

It's probably going to sound contradictory, coming from someone who founded an Ad Tech company, but the more I think about the ongoing dialog regarding ad blockers, the more I'm…

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Everything I Know About Online Ad Placement I Learned From A Road Hockey Game

Such a simple concept, but such a difficult thing to trust, especially when it comes to impacting your only revenue maker. Supply and demand, it’s a tricky beast to trust.…

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Here’s How To Start Compiling An Ad Sales Strategy For Your Publication

When it comes to launching an independent publication in 2016, monetization strategies should be at the top of your concern list. With the constant onslaught of ad blockers, display advertising…

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There’s More Than Display Out There, Embrace It

Ad blockers have changed the landscape, whether we like to admit it or not. What was once the poster-child for earning potential online has now become a second class citizen.…

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Advertising’s Marketplace Dynamics In 2016

To most, the future of advertising online is being obfuscated by the saber rattling of ad technology companies determined to disintermediate sales teams, lower privacy standards, and maximize revenue while…

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