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The Ascent of E-Commerce

Online shopping doesn’t match shopping at brick-and-mortar stores — yet. E-commerce revenue has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. In the infographic below, we take a look at how much…

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Just A Taste: Honoring The Video Game Trailer

Every year, video game developers outdo themselves with better graphics, better plot lines, and better challenges. They also push the envelope when it comes to video game trailers. But trailers…

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The Sneaky Psychology Of Advertising

We’re confronted with thousands of brand exposures every single day. Everywhere you turn there’s another logo or advertisement for a product or service. In order to get their message heard,…

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Beyond The Billboard: The Future Of Out-Of-Home Advertising

The traditional billboard is getting a face lift. The advertising game has had to adapt to modern technology in other portals, and now out-of-home advertising isn’t far behind. Digital billboards…

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The Who, Why, And How Of Twitter

Within a few short years, Twitter has become a mainstay of the social media landscape. Media outlets, businesses large and small, and people around the world are talking about it.…

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How Does Apple Mobilize Its Ad Machine?

Aside from the sleek design and user-friendliness of its products, Apple is known for its best-in-the-biz ad machine. Despite spending more and more each year on advertising, the company is…

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The App Option: Does Your Business Need One?

With all the talk of iPad and other mobile devices that use apps, many companies are asking, “Should we get in on this?” But not all businesses benefit from developing…

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The Future of Advertising Technology

As quickly as technologies evolve, so do their uses. Marketers are now using technologies once thought reserved for science fiction to target consumers and better serve their customers. We take…

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Mobile Users Tolerate the Untolerable Mobile Ad

Mobile ads rank as one of the most annoying for users, but mobile advertising is on the upswing. So what makes them so annoying, and how can advertisers make them…

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