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The Future of Advertising Technology

As quickly as technologies evolve, so do their uses. Marketers are now using technologies once thought reserved for science fiction to target consumers and better serve their customers. We take…

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Mobile Users Tolerate the Untolerable Mobile Ad

Mobile ads rank as one of the most annoying for users, but mobile advertising is on the upswing. So what makes them so annoying, and how can advertisers make them…

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Choosing the Right Websites for Your Ad Campaign

When you want to promote a product or service online, the first thing you will want to do is research the type of audience that will be interested in your…

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Introducing AdPacks

After many months of hard work, we are very happy to announce the launch of AdPacks – our hand-picked and perfectly priced packs of premium ads. The online advertising world…

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The Secret of Selling Banner Ads: When Less is More

Minimalism can be viewed as a trend, akin to "lean startups" these days. If you are an "against the grain" type of person as I am (maybe we didn't rebel…

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You built the hive, now let’s make the honey!

Ladies and gentlemen, we're glad to introduce our latest video and our first single featuring "the pros at BSA". No, we haven’t changed direction, we’re still into ads, but we…

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Introducing The Image + Text Ad Format

I am proud to announce a new ad format at BSA – Image + Text. The image + text ad format consists of a publisher defined image size, a title…

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BSA Anniversary & Infographic

Happy Birthday to us! Yay, we’re two years old! Not very impressive being a toddler, I guess, but in “internet years” we feel we’ve grown so much more. And, that’s…

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New Feature: Non-blocking, Asynchronous Ad Code

In geek-speak, asynchronous is a heavenly term. Nearly all advertisements on a website are served using JavaScript from a third party ad network provider. When any browser downloads the ad…

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