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Issue 103: There’s a new type of marketing on the rise

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by Melina Panitsidis on February 12, 2020 - 2 minute read

It’s all about the experiences.

Experiential marketing is on the rise, why Forrester’s report predicts a major structural shift in how marketers will align their strategy, why marketers are less than thrilled about AI, how to overcome major growth challenges, using email advertising to reach early adopters, and how to tackle the marketing dashboard.

B2B Marketing Should Organize Around The Customer In 2020

The Predictions 2020: B2B Marketing And Sales Report from Forrester made five major predictions. One of these predictions is how the structure of the customer focus will shift and align itself around audiences rather than channel or industry segment.

What's Next In Marketing: Rise Of The Experiences

Marketing is always being introduced to the next big thing. The industry went from physical marketing and TV/radio to data driven channels across the web. So what’s next? This founder explains why experiential marketing is on the rise.

56% of Marketers Think AI will Negatively Impact Branding in 2020

A study from 100 marketing professionals in the US and UK indicate that 77% of marketers are concerned with how automation and AI will affect branding. Only 24% think AI will benefit branding efforts compared to 56% of marketers who think it will have a negative impact. The study also found that martech will continue to grow stating that 68% of marketers will increase how many vendors they work with.

Areas You Have to Make a Priority in 2020

After Deloitte released the 2019 CMO survey, Marketo did some more research and found that marketers face four substantial challenges to achieving higher-level growth that include finding effective scalability solutions and proving digital marketing’s impact. Here are five recommendations to overcome these challenges.

How to Reach Early Adopters with Email Advertising

What value does contextual advertising bring to marketers? When it comes to reaching early adopters, we break down why email advertising is so effective.

Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Not all marketing strategies are created equal. Here are four signs, including things like bad web traffic and poor click-through rates, that your strategy isn’t working and how to fix it.

How To Conquer Your Marketing Dashboard One Metric at a Time

Marketing dashboards are helpful in summarizing KPIs, metrics, and performance but with so much data at your disposal, they can be overwhelming to create. This guide from G2 dives into everything you need to know about these dashboards including why you should use them, examples to follow, and mistakes to avoid.

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