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Issue 92: Emotion vs Information: What’s More Important to Consumers?

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by Melina Panitsidis on November 6, 2019 - 2 minute read


The Facebook parent company is rocking a brand new logo.

Unlocking the power of emotional advertising, Shopify enters the email marketing game, an SEO strategy to increase organic blog sessions, how to effectively advertise to design audiences, and how to make the most of your data while maintaining consumer trust.

Facebook Wants You to Know It Makes Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook has a new logo— but it’s not specifically for the Facebook app. Since the Facebook parent company owns multiple social platforms and tech companies, they’ve revealed a new logo “to be clearer about the products that come from Facebook” according to CMO, Antonio Lucio.

Emotion: The Super Weapon Of Marketing And Advertising

According to Psychology Today, consumers primarily use emotion rather than information when evaluating brands. This, along with other research, points to emotional advertising being a major key in attracting consumers to your product or service. This article breaks down how to incorporate emotional connections into your marketing strategy.

Shopify Launches 'Shopify Email' Marketing Tool to Lure in More Entrepreneurs

Shopify has announced “Shopify Email”, an email marketing tool within the platform that is aimed at entrepreneurs who are new to marketing. Michael Perry, Director of Product at Shopify, discusses the new tool, its capabilities, and how it will help merchants extend customer relationships.

How To Advertise To Designers

Designers are very familiar with the concepts of advertising— that's why you won't get away with mediocre creative and vague messaging. In this guide, we share how to use contextual targeting to appeal to this group of passionate creatives and fuel your sales funnel.

Brands Should Avoid Death By A Thousand Data Points

In today’s digital age, it’s important for marketers to find a balance between using consumer data and respecting consumer privacy. Here are three principles to follow when looking to maximize engagement while maintaining consumer trust.

The SEO Strategy That Took G2’s Blog From Zero to 1 Million (In One Year!)

What kind of SEO strategy attracts 1 million organic blog sessions? Ask G2. Jordan Wahl, Senior Content Marketing & SEO Specialist at the company shares the strategy that took them from zero to 1 million organic sessions in one year.

CMOs Are In A 'Desperate Fight For Survival,' Forrester Says

Many large organizations are beginning to eliminate the CMO role. A report from Forrester forecasts that those remaining in such roles will need to fight for survival in 2020 by gaining control over other business areas such as customer experience, brand innovation, and company values.

100 Simple, Powerful Ideas To Promote Your SaaS Startup's Content Marketing In 2019

How do you promote your content marketing pieces after hitting publish? Here are 100 ideas to get your content in front of your audience.

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