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Monetizing Online Forums

by , Founder & CEO at BuySellAdson July 9, 2012

Right around the New Year, a long time BSA publisher, Patrick O’Keefe, reached out to me to see if I would be interested in contributing to a book he was writing titled “Monetizing Online Forums“.

Specifically, he was looking for some contribution around the Display advertising part of the book. Patrick had a tight timeframe, and so I replied:

I’m going to see if I can get a start on this tonight. If I am not able to get a bunch done tonight, it is unlikely that I will be able to do this. However, I’m going to make a solid effort to see what I can get done tonight. Will be in touch.

Soon enough, we had a nice flow going for the Display ad section, and it actually turned out to be much larger than I think either of us had initially expected.

However, how this all came about is way less interesting than what Patrick did here. He took what I, and two other contributors had to say (along with his own insight and experience), and made it make sense. Without him editing and shaping my contribution into what it has become, it would be a disorganized gibberish filled mess (I’m sure there was much less editing for the other contributors…). So, thank you, Patrick.

The best part about this book, is that it’s actually a book. It’s not your typical free e-book or lead generation piece with a long sell page just trying to get your email address. It’s filled with great insight and info on monetizing forums (which, candidly applies to monetizing websites in general…).

I actually can’t believe that it’s free. So, go ahead, grab it, and enjoy!

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