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ATW 80: Media and Measurement Are Splitting Up

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by Melina Panitsidis on August 8, 2019 - 3 minute read


The road to transparency in marketing is making way for independent attribution tools.

Privacy concerns over voice assistant programs, the UK authority’s illegal data practices, reduced programmatic advertising fees, and other news.

Why the independence of media and measurement is key to transparency in marketing

As advertisers seek deeper insights into their advertising dollars, media companies are introducing new attribution tools that are raising transparency concerns. Enter: independent attribution tools. Just like viewability and brand safety have become standard, separating media and measurement is the next step to a more transparent marketing world.

RTB RIP? The Writing Could Be On The Wall For Real-Time Bidding In Europe

The future of real-time bidding in programmatic advertising is an uncertain one. There is an ongoing debate on whether the implementation of GDPR in Europe can coexist with RTB. Some believe it’s possible for RTB to survive under GDPR as long as changes are made to how advertisers get consent for data collection— others aren’t so sure and think RTB is on its way out.

Tech Giants Risk Privacy Probes Over Alexa, Siri Eavesdropping

Google, Amazon, and Apple are under investigation over voice assistant program privacy concerns. Amazon and Apple both have human ears listening to voice commands of digital assistants which could very well be infringing European privacy regulation. Both companies have since suspended these programs while they are being investigated by Hamburg’s data protection authority.

The UK illegally copied sensitive EU data — but the EU doesn’t seem to care

UK authorities illegally copied classified personal information from an EU database and gave US companies access to the information. While the EU is leading the world in user privacy legislation, it seems the EU Commission will not be taking any action against the UK government. Although the government does not fall under GDPR, people believe they should be held to the same data privacy standards as tech-giants.

eMarketer: Ad Tech Gets A Tax Cut As Programmatic Fees Decline

Programmatic ad sales continue to rise but the increased competition is forcing vendors to reduce fees to remain competitive in this new landscape. The demand for transparency is an opportunity for DSPs to differentiate themselves and keep advertising dollars from moving to walled gardens like Facebook and Google.

Performance Marketing And Measurement: A New Beginning Amid Ever-Evolving Privacy Restrictions

Privacy restrictions are constantly evolving, but one thing is for sure: these restrictions are only going to increase from here. This means marketers are going to have to adopt new measurement approaches to keep up with these changes. Global Head of Performance Marketing at StubHub, Sachin Purl, dives into some potential solutions.

Brands Must Prepare For Advertising In A Cookie-Less World

With cookies on the decline, the entire digital advertising ecosystem is on the cusp of change. Brands will need to seek new solutions for how they engage with their users in a privacy-first era. To be successful in this new environment advertisers need to provide value to users in exchange for their data, reclaim ownership of their own data, and invest in integrated data tools.

Busting the Single Biggest Myth About Machine Learning

Machine learning is a popular trend in the ad industry. It has the power to unlock deeper insights from data, but it’s worth noting that without other tools and human expertise, machine learning provides little value. While machine learning constantly learns on its own from datasets, it requires actual people to analyze, test, and iterate for it to be fully effective.

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