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Issue 104: This marketing trend is expected to rise 52%

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by Melina Panitsidis on February 19, 2020 - 2 minute read

Brand building in the digital age is hard.

Brandless’ downfall teaches marketers a lesson about brand building, Ofcom’s proposals for social media regulations, the rise of SMS marketing, how to diversify your marketing, why marketers are struggling to keep up with technology, and social media tools to help you streamline your process.

What Brandless' Downfall Says About Brand Building in the Digital Era

The DTC company, Brandless seemed to have a bright future being backed by SoftBank but recently announced it would be shutting its doors because of logistical issues. The main takeaway for marketers here is how challenging building a brand has become in the digital age but the company’s shutdown could also suggest a broader issue for DTC brands.

What Do the New Ofcom Proposals Mean for Social Media Marketing?

The Office of Communication has been given the reigns in regulating social media use against harmful and illegal content. How does this impact social media marketing? These social media experts share their thoughts, concerns, and expectations moving forward with Ofcom owning this responsibility.

SMS Marketing to Rise by 52% by 2023

MessageMedia, a business messaging provider, recently released research and found that 65% of Americans stated an SMS message is likely to grab their attention over email and app notifications. The study overall suggests that this type of marketing will rise over 50% in the next three years.

5 Strategic 'Must-Haves' to Diversify Your Digital Marketing

What are you doing to diversify your marketing strategy? Here are the five strategic must-haves this marketer thinks will help strengthen your overall strategy that include voice search optimization, integrated user-led design, and chatbots.

Social Media Tool Free Trials: 20+ Awesome Tools You Can Try Before You Buy

Handling social media for your company can quickly get out of hand if you’re not organized and using the right tools. Here are over 20 tools to consider adopting to streamline your social media marketing strategy.

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