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Issue 108: Are you using LinkedIn’s newest ad format?

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by Melina Panitsidis on March 18, 2020 - 2 minute read

Older marketing methods are making a comeback.

LinkedIn rolls out a new conversation-based ad feature, marketing mix modeling is regaining popularity, the difference between growth hacking and traditional marketing, how to optimize your growth hacking funnel, 15 alternatives to Google Drive, and enough SaaS marketing strategies to keep you busy for a while.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Conversation Ads, Aimed at to Improving Personalization in Messaging

This new ad format from the professional social network is designed for real-time engagement with consumers. It allows users to choose their own path based on what’s relevant to them. These conversation ads will be available in beta to advertisers in the next few weeks.

From Marketing Mix to Marketing Effect Modeling

Econometric methods like marketing mix modeling are starting to rise again as cookie-based tracking slowly makes its exit from the industry. Except this time, marketers can incorporate real-time generalized data to inform on past and future marketing initiatives.

Growth Hacking Vs. Traditional Marketing

While growth hacking has taken the marketing spotlight, traditional strategies are still effective. In fact, depending on your business, traditional marketing might actually benefit your bottom line more than growth hacking. Here are eight key differences between growth hacking and traditional marketing if you’re wondering which avenue to take.

Key Strategies To Optimize Growth Hacking Funnel

So, growth hacking is more your speed? The growth hacking funnel is slightly different from the traditional funnel. The key stages are acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, and referral. Here are five key strategies to optimize each stage.

Best Alternatives To Google Drive In 2020

Google Drive is a clear front-runner when it comes to file storage and synchronization for businesses, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option out there. This guide dives into 15 alternatives with different perks and use cases.

101 SaaS Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

You can never have too many SaaS marketing strategy ideas. If you’re stuck or just need some inspiration to spark your next big idea, here is a list of 101 different strategies to pull from. The list includes strategies about content and case studies to podcasts, webinars, and e-courses.

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