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Issue 106: LinkedIn's new feature for marketers

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by Melina Panitsidis on March 4, 2020 - 3 minute read

PSA: offline marketing still works.

LinkedIn is adding a stories feature to the platform, why location-based marketing outperforms other tactics, Salesforce’s third acquisition of the year, how to use offline marketing in the digital age, what data points to focus on for growth, 55 social media stats to fuel your strategy, how to create the perfect SaaS landing page, and marketing books to brush up on your skills.

How Businesses Could Potentially Use LinkedIn’s Upcoming Stories Feature

LinkedIn announced it will be testing out “LinkedIn Stories”, a feature that other platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have. Head of Content Products, Pete Davies, shares the possibilities this new feature could bring to the professional social platform.

Why Location-Based Marketing Outperforms Industry Averages

Location-targeted ad spend is expected to increase to $33.3 billion by next year which will account for 45% of mobile spend. This type of marketing tends to outperform other industry metrics. A study from Factual found that 80% of marketers get higher response rates and increased customer engagement with location-based marketing.

Salesforce Acquires The CMO Club to Unify Marketing Thoughts with B2B Practices

Salesforce has already made its third major acquisition of the year with The CMO Club, a member-based community of marketing leaders. This move will help Salesforce provide more insights into B2B practices and best-in-marketing resources.

Offline Marketing: What Works In 2020?

Digital marketing has definitely taken the world by storm, but that doesn’t mean offline marketing is lost forever. This guide shares some offline marketing strategies that still pack a punch in today’s digital world.

Data Points that Will Help Your Startup Grow

If you’re looking to take your startup to the next level, you need insights to drive your efforts. This co-founder has helped 12 companies drive growth and shares 12 main market indicators to look for. Some data points to keep an eye on include customer attention spans, switching costs, social feed activity, and ad inventory costs across social platforms.

Looker, Alight Analytics Team Up for New Marketing Dashboard for Paid Media Campaigns

Business intelligence platform, Looker, has teamed up with marketing analytics platform, Alight Analytics to bring marketers a powerful dashboard template for paid campaigns. This will allow marketers to bring data from different platforms and channels together to analyze performance across the board.

Critical Social Media Statistics to Fuel your 2020 Strategy

Social media changes fast. Here are 55 social media stats (broken down by channel) to consider when you’re working on your strategy for 2020.

The State of SaaS Landing Pages in 2020

Did you know that SaaS landing pages are less likely to convert than other industries like ecommerce and education? This guide shares tips on how to optimize your landing pages for the best possible conversion rates along with some examples to pull inspiration from.

The Best Digital Marketing Books for Marketers

There’s a lot of marketing resources on the web but marketing books can often offer more in-depth information and explanations on specific topics. If you have some free time on your hands, here are ten digital marketing books to check out.

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