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ATW 87: iOS 13 and the Privacy Settings You Should Change Right Now

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by Melina Panitsidis on September 25, 2019 - 3 minute read


Google really wants you to believe they’re committed to user privacy.

Upcoming California privacy law has tech companies concerned, Facebook suspends thousands of apps for hoarding data, Comscore charged with fraud, and privacy concerns causing a growing ‘techlash’.

Silicon Valley is Terrified of California’s Privacy Law

The California Consumer Privacy Act set to take effect January 1st, has tech companies in Silicon Valley concerned for what’s to come. Despite lobbying efforts to weaken the CCPA, the bill was passed with minor changes. Tech companies in California are now pushing for an overarching federal bill in hopes to gain some control back.

Google Took Out 3 Full-Page Ads Declaring Its Commitment to Privacy

Some people are seeing right through Google’s privacy commitment ads in The Washington Post. The publication’s audience includes policy-makers, legislators, and regulators, suggesting the company is more concerned about how these audiences perceive them rather than the general public. This article shares what Google could actually do to show users it cares about privacy.

Media Metrics Giant Comscore Pays SEC $5 Million In Fraud Settlement

Media and measurement analytics company, Comscore, has been charged with fraud for inflating its own business performance metrics. The company has agreed to pay $5 million in settlement charges.

The iOS 13 Privacy Settings You Should Change Right Now

Apple is getting even more serious about user privacy with the release of iOS 13. Here are seven privacy settings to take note of in the new update including apps tracking your location, blocking spam calls, and signing into apps with Apple.

Facebook Has Suspended ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Apps Suspected of Hoarding Data

Last year, Facebook flagged 400 apps as it investigated the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now, the company has suspended ‘tens of thousands’ of apps that could be collecting large amounts of user data. These apps have been banned for different reasons including “siphoning off Facebook user profile data or making data public without protecting their identities, or other violations of the company’s policies.”

Google Is Reducing How Much Audio It Saves For Human Review

Google is updating its audio data retention policies since the program has been under fire. Users will now be asked to confirm if they’d like to opt-in to the program. The company also shared its intentions to reduce the amount of audio data stored. Amazon and Apple have made updates to their audio data programs as well.

Marketers Face Mounting ‘Techlash’ Amid Privacy and Surveillance Concerns

The Future of Marketing study conducted by the American Marketing Association NY surveyed over 1,500 consumers and marketers across the US and China. The study found that ad tech innovations in America did not have major support. The survey found the same to be true in China although they were more enthusiastic about the tech despite concerns over false information and privacy.

Google's Ad Business Undergoes Massive Reorganization

Google’s advertising chief is restructuring the company’s entire ad business. The reorganization created two new roles surrounding measurement and privacy suggesting that these areas are of strategic importance to the company.

TiVo Confirms Its Customers Will Soon See Ads Before DVR Recordings

TiVo is rolling out pre-roll video ads that will play before customers’ DVR recordings. While customers will have the option to skip over these ads, many are not happy with the company’s decision to run ads.

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