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Introducing AdPacks

by , Application Support @ BuySellAdson October 8, 2010

After many months of hard work, we are very happy to announce the launch of AdPacks – our hand-picked and perfectly priced packs of premium ads. The online advertising world is constantly changing, and website owners and their visitors are looking for better results and improved experiences.

In order to accommodate both advertisers and publishers, is launching a new method of advertising that offers great results for advertisers and enhanced experiences for website publishers and their visitors.


Why AdPacks are Great for Advertisers

We spent countless hours hand-picking some of the best websites to create perfect, targeted packs of websites. Then we worked with the publishers of those websites to create one ad spot where your ad will display with no other ads around it. Your ad will rotate randomly on all of the websites in the pack that you purchase. This means that when a visitor is on that site and your ad is displayed, you are more likely to get the full attention of that visitor – since there aren’t many others around to distract from it. This could lead to a better CTR and better results for your campaign.

Why AdPacks are Great for Publishers

We know that some of our publishers may not want too many ads on their site to distract from their site’s content – especially those publishers in the design arena. It’s a constant internal battle for the design-savy publishers. We want to be able to put food on the table, but we don’t want to make it look like ads exploded on our site either. (It’s a fine line we walk.)

AdPacks to the rescue: If you are a publisher and part of AdPacks, you will only have one instance of the ad zone on your site where relevant ads will appear randomly for your visitors to see. This will make you happy because your design can stay lovely, and it might make the experience on your site more enjoyable for visitors as well. Another benefit is that you will get paid at the same time at the end of each month – so no more worrying about if and when another advertiser will come along or renew their ad. It’s already been done for you.

I hope you will enjoy this new service from We are always working hard to provide new features and to continually improve our service to you. We also want to assure you that the AdPacks are just an additional feature we are offering. AdPacks are not replacing the current way works. We want to be able to offer a variety of services for the expanding needs of our users, and this is just another way of providing those services to you.

If you would like to read more about AdPacks, make sure you visit the site we just launched at (It was designed for us by the very talented Claudiu Cioba – Please don’t steal him for TOO much work, we have some other projects we need him for!) Please contact us to let us know if you have any questions about AdPacks. We will be happy to answer! To buy an ad, please use this form here.

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