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ATW 78: I Found Your Data. It's for Sale.

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by Cole Heggie on July 24, 2019 - 3 minute read


Browser extensions are leaking an unprecedented amount of personal and business data to murky online markets.

The internet ad industry’s growth is slowing, what publishers need to know about Ad Refresh, who’s winning the battle for digital ad spend, and other stories.

I Found Your Data. It’s for Sale. 

Washington Post Technology Columnist Geoffrey Fowler gives readers an in-depth look at how browser extensions are taking all of your personal browsing data and selling it in murky online markets. This includes everything from personal prescriptions to flights to corporate data. Fowler also explains how this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data leaks. 

Internet Advertising to Grow at Slowest Rate Since 2001 Dotcom Bust

The internet is losing its number one position as the fastest-growing sector of global advertising to… cinema ads. Internet advertising is expected to grow only 10% next year as brands continue to seek less risky, more traditional outlets to advertise like billboards, movies, and poster sites. This news comes in light of the two largest companies in online advertising, Facebook and Google, continuing to lose consumer and business trust. 

We’re Living in The World Wide Ad Honeypot

What was once known as the World Wide Web has now evolved to become the World Wide Ad Honey Pot. What some of the most beloved news brands share in common isn’t their Pulitzer-worthy articles, but rather their often infuriating ad-ridden reader experience (and creepy ads). The model clearly isn’t working anymore, but what are the alternatives?

What Publishers Need To Know About Ad Refresh

Ad Refresh is a technique that allows publishers to increase the number of impressions per session by refreshing ads based on predefined triggers. When used properly, Ad Refresh can bring more revenue to publishers. However, it’s not suitable for all publishers, not offered by all networks, and when used improperly, can actually backfire. 

The Battle for Digital Ad Spend is Fiercer Than Ever - Who’s Winning?

The latest Stage of Digital Advertising Report exposes the top challenges and priorities for marketers in 2019. The study confirms that paid advertising still dominates digital advertising, emphasizes the growing importance of publisher trust in the B2B and B2C advertising space, and labels Instagram and Amazon as the breakout stars of the year.

Amazon is Turning Advertising Into Its Next Huge Business - Here’s How

Amazon is the third largest digital ad platform in the United States, and a growing contender against the ad duopoly of Facebook and Google. The company also has access to an unprecedented amount of consumer data, providing a valuable competitive edge. In the wake of Prime Day, CNBC covers how Amazon makes its cash through advertising and where it’s headed next. 

McDonald’s, Nestlé, and Virgin Media Join Blockchain in Advertising Pilot

The three companies are joining a new blockchain pilot in an attempt to increase trust and transparency in the online advertising supply chain and at the same time assess whether the technology can boost operational efficiency and return on ad investment. A similar move was made in 2018 by Toyota, who joined a Blockchain analytics firm to eliminate fraud when buying ads online.


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