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Issue 86: How Many Hours Do Americans Spend On Email?

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by Melina Panitsidis on September 24, 2019 - 3 minute read


Brand perception is more at risk from social media than news outlets.

Facebook releases new brand building guide, content marketing trends for 2020, the upcoming streaming services battle, and proof that email is still a strong marketing channel.

Americans Still Spend Five Hours a Day on Email

The Adobe Email Usage Study proves that email remains an important part of consumers’ lives, although the downfall of it has been predicted for years. According to the study, Americans spend five hours a day using email suggesting a significant marketing opportunity to engage with consumers.

Study: Brand Perceptions Get Bigger Ding From Social Media Than News

A recent survey of over 2,000 Americans found that 90% of them wouldn’t change their perception of a brand if it advertised next to heavy news. However, 40% would have a negative perception if a brand advertised next to offensive content. This survey suggests marketers might find more success advertising on trusted news sources rather than social media channels.

The Streaming Wars Will Be The Bloodiest Battle In Marketing History

The streaming market is in for a battle with more streaming services like HBO Max, Disney+, CBS All Access, and more set to launch in the next year. Marketing Week dives into how this will pan out as 12 rival streaming services will have to fight for the same audience.

Trends in Content Marketing for 2020

Content marketing is getting savvier in 2020. Here are nine trends to look out for next year including personalization, voice search, omnichannel strategies, and brand collaborations.

Facebook Publishes New Guide to Effective Brand Building

Facebook recently released a guide for digital brand building. The guide dives into different modern brands and how they found success in building their businesses. It also looks into key branding elements and highlights examples of each element.

The Types of Content Marketing in a Marketer's Arsenal

What types of content marketing are going to make the most impact for your business? Check out HubSpot’s guide on 12 types of effective content marketing for your campaigns ranging from blog posts and infographics to videos and ebooks.

What Does 5G Mean For Video Advertising?

5G is here and is set to have a serious impact on video advertising. Members of the UK’s IAB Video Steering Group and Mobile Steering Group share their thoughts on how 5G will impact the ad industry.

Customer Research: 5 Ways to Read Your Target Customers’ Minds

Customer research is a critical step in building a product or service. Here are five ways to get to know your customer’s pain points, desired outcomes, and use cases so your business can better serve them.

Was Your Campaign Really Successful? Here’s How To Find Out

Campaign success is more than a blog post “performing really well.” To discover true success it’s important to define what that actually means for your campaign, consider other drivers of success, and constantly measure the outcomes.

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