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ATW 86: Google’s Take On A World Without Ad Tech

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by Melina Panitsidis on September 19, 2019 - 2 minute read


The Washington Post is fighting back on big tech.

The latest in big tech investigations, new surveillance technology threats, Mozilla’s vision for an internet without ads, and Google’s predictions on the future of ad tech.

Washington Post Builds Ad Network for Publishers to Take On Big Tech

The Washington Post will soon offer advertisers an alternative to Google and Facebook. The platform, Zeus Prime, will sell ads to advertisers in real-time. The company hopes to offer a better buying process for advertisers while letting publishers earn more revenue.

Google’s Glimpse of a World Without Ad-Tech

Google’s presentation at DMEXCO shared its predictions on what will happen to ad tech. The company shared its view on moving back to a contextual based web that will benefit all involved including the user, the publisher, and the advertiser.

Antitrust Crib Sheet: A Rundown On All Of The Big Tech Probes

There are a lot of ongoing investigations regarding big tech like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. The Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commissions, and other global authorities have all gotten involved in one way or another. AdExchanger breaks down who is investigating what and why.

The Tech Backlash Is Real, and It’s Accelerating

Although consumer privacy concerns have increased significantly, they’re still using the tech platforms that threaten their privacy— causing some to believe there is actually little to no tech backlash. This article argues that there is in fact an accelerating rate of tech backlash and consumers simply can’t easily escape the use of big tech.

New Surveillance Tech Means You'll Never Be Anonymous Again

New technologies like facial recognition have raised some privacy concerns causing governments to take action. But facial recognition is only the beginning with new and even more intrusive surveillance technology being created such as recognizing patterns of movement, heartbeat detection, and breathing patterns. As these new technologies emerge it will be difficult to create regulations one by one.

Mozilla and Creative Commons Want to Reimagine the Internet Without Ads

Mozilla and Creative Commons envision an internet that creates room for small players and publishers. The two companies, along with a micropayment startup announced their new program, Grant for the Web, where they hope to create a new web economy that isn’t data-driven.

What Headwinds? Ad Tech Stocks Are Surging This Year

Ad tech had its fair share of challenges the last few years with privacy concerns and data regulations. But a handful of industry players seem to be on the rise with their increased value on the stock market. Here AdExchanger looks at the different factors causing this positive turn.

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