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Issue 95: It’s Google Against Everyone Else

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by Melina Panitsidis on December 4, 2019 - 2 minute read


Everybody hates Google.

How this SaaS company grew to $1.1 billion, why you should redesign your marketing measurement process, how to use native advertising to reach the crypto community, 22 growth hacking tools, and how to conduct the perfect marketing experiment.

Google in 2020: From Everyone’s Search Engine to Everyone’s Competitor

About 14% of all Google search clicks are sent back to its own properties. Rand Fishkin, shares some key insights from Jumpshot about Google’s CTRs for Q3 and why it’s a good idea to start diversifying web traffic.

Steps Took To Build a $1.1 Billion SaaS Company brings in over $10 million in new bookings every quarter. Here are 16 things they did to grow into a SaaS company worth $1.1 billion like ignoring marketing for a few years, choosing a north star metric, and developing an agile product release schedule.

How to Conduct the Perfect Marketing Experiment

Marketing experiments can help marketers determine the effectiveness of a strategy before fully implementing them. Here HubSpot breaks down everything you need to know about setting up a successful marketing experiment along with some examples.

Native Advertising to Cryptocurrency Audiences: Here's What Works

Connecting with crypto enthusiasts is easy once you understand that they value relevant and honest communication. Native advertising is an effective contextual targeting tool that crypto audiences can engage with. Learn how you can quickly implement it into your marketing strategy.

Why and How You Need to Redesign Your Marketing Measurement

Chris Graham, Global Head of Media Accountability at McDonald’s is teaching marketers how to build successful marketing measurement programs to avoid wasting budget. His strategies for success include involving all stakeholders, focusing on long-term rather than short-term success, and always adapting your approach when things change.

Best Growth Hacking Tools To Improve MRR

What are the best tools to help you grow your business? Here are 22 tools to consider (if you’re not already using them) for scaling your business and growing your customer base.

Five Steps To Generate B2B Inbound Leads

Generating qualified B2B inbound leads starts with getting organized and making sure you’re prepared. Keep these simple tips in mind when working on your next inbound campaign to maximize success.

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