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Issue 84: The Newest Way to Disrupt An Industry: Customer Experience.

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by Melina Panitsidis on September 11, 2019 - 2 minute read


Customer experience is the new way to disrupt an industry.

Gartner shares advice for new marketing technologies, how marketers can use consumer similarities to their advantage, how long it actually takes for content marketing to work, and the ultimate checklist for your next email campaign.

What Marketers and Agencies Might Expect if a Recession Happens

In 2009, which was the last year of the Great Recession, US ad spend decreased by 12%. AdAge takes a look at what might happen to agencies, digital media, TV, ad tech, and more if we were to be hit with another recession.

Here’s Gartner’s Advice for Marketers with Shiny Object Syndrome

Gartner’s hype cycle illustrates the maturity lifecycle of marketing technologies. Technologies start emerging from labs and make their way through the hype cycle until they are considered stable and productive. According to Gartner, these are some of the most promising technologies making their way through the cycle.

Experience Disruptors: A New Breed of Growth Leaders

Google and Facebook are well known disruptors that have changed the course of an industry with their advanced technologies. More and more companies today however, are disrupting industries with how they approach the customer experience. HubSpot explored this new wave of disruption and came across some interesting findings along the way.

Forget the Millennials: Where Targeting High Tech Misses the Mark

Targeting consumers based on individual traits and interests is beneficial, but marketers shouldn’t lose sight of similarities that can bring their advertising to the next level. As consumers we all want to be understood, feel respected, and hear compelling stories. Marketers can use these similarities to their advantages to bring their advertising campaigns to life and add a more human element to them.

How Long Does It Take for Content Marketing to Work? A Case Study.

There is no specific time frame you can aim for to make your content marketing work. When your content marketing works depends on different variables like success metrics, your business model, and your product/service. Co-founder of Grow & Convert, Benji Hyam, sheds some light on this question using real data.

Bonus: check out Benji Hyam on the Re:Growth podcast.

Email Marketing Campaign Pre-Launch Checklist

There are a lot of moving parts to marketing campaigns. This pre-launch checklist, segmented into three main sections will ensure you don’t miss anything as you get ready to launch your next email marketing campaign.

Marketers, ‘The Joneses’ and Why It’s Dangerous to Try and Keep Up With Them

Companies are investing in new martech faster than than they can keep up with. Here the argument is not to invest in martech simply to “keep up” with the competition and if you are going to invest, make sure you plan accordingly for training and continuing education.

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