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Issue 109: Are people actually reading your blog? 🤔

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by Melina Panitsidis on March 25, 2020 - 3 minute read

Virtual conferences could be the new standard.

This week: How to increase your blog’s readership, how to get more signups for SaaS, the valuable lessons marketers have learned from running campaigns, running a successful virtual event, the ultimate guide to video marketing, apps to help you navigate remote work, digital marketing trends that are shaping the customer experience, and overcoming this common marketing mistake.

40% of People Say They Don't Read Blogs

Blogging is in the top three most used forms of content marketing but according to a survey from HubSpot, 40% of people never actually read blogs. Fortunately, blogs are still useful with 80% of readers stating they interact with them on a regular basis. If you’re looking for ways to increase your blog’s readership, here are six insightful tips to building a better blog.

How We Scaled Leadfeeder's Signups to Over 200/month

Grow & Convert helped Leadfeeder drive over 200 signups per month. While their initial strategy increased both traffic and conversions, they were able to achieve even more growth when they made some changes to the overall strategy. Here’s how they did it.

13 Unique Marketing Campaigns And The Valuable Lessons They Teach

Marketing campaigns teach us a lot of things and give us valuable insights for future success. Here 13 members of the Forbes Agency Council share unique marketing campaigns they’ve worked on and the lessons they learned along the way.

How to Run a Successful Virtual Event [+ Examples]

Businesses across most industries have shifted to being able to manage their day-to-day completely online. One exception to this has been conferences— until now. Since we’ll likely see a rise in virtual conferences this year, this guide breaks down the benefits of such events along with how to be successful in running them.

Video Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

By 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be through videos. If that isn’t enough to convince marketers to start incorporating video into their content strategy then this video marketing guide might help. The guide dives into what video marketing actually is, why it works so well, and how to develop a strategy that works for your brand.

5 Types of Work From Home Apps That Enable a Remote Workforce

More and more of the workforce is working from home, especially now. If you’ve suddenly found yourself in a remote work environment, here are some apps that will help you and your team be productive and successful. The list includes team collaboration tools, video conferencing software, and cloud content collaboration software.

Digital Marketing Trends Shaping Customer Experience

Creating a positive experience for customers has become increasingly important to marketers across industries. But how do you shape customer experience? These six digital marketing trends are playing a big role in reshaping the customer experience.

Overcome This Common Marketing Mistake that Makes You Want to Quit

Having trouble with your content? Maybe you’ve run out of things to write or it feels like your content isn’t providing the same value it used to. Whatever the issue may be, it all comes back to identifying your ideal customer. Here’s how you can get to know and reconnect with your ideal customer.

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