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All It Takes Is A Zap: Our New Zapier Partnership Helps To Liberate Your BuySellAds Data

by , Marketing Director @ BuySellAdson December 11, 2015

We’ve already announced our Salesforce integration, but what we haven’t announced is that it relies on our deep integration with Zapier (it’s free).

If you’re looking to move your BuySellAds data around the Internet and into your favorite web applications, our integration with Zapier has already laid the foundation for the process. All you need to do is connect the two end-points and flip the switch to get started.


We’re excited about the integration and what it means for our customers looking to liberate data from BuySellAds – particularly Self-Serve Direct, Deal Manager Direct, and the Marketplace – and pipe it to their favorite applications.

I mean, just look at that Zapier app directory. They have approximately 560 applications listed, and we can now send your BuySellAds information directly to any one of them. We’re focusing our energies on highlighting the apps that make the most sense for our customers with dedicated configuration guides, but we also wanted to point out that we now integrate with all 560 applications in the Zapier library.

If you can come up with a use case, we can move your information from BuySellAds directly to any one of the 560 apps in the Zapier library. It’s insane. The potential is limitless.

Want to send deal notifications to your sales team in Slack? We can do that.

Want to update your Hubspot workflows with information every time someone places an order from your Self-Serve Direct page? Yup, we can now do that too thanks to Zapier.

Want to pester your favorite Wartime CEO by sending an email every single time someone on your team closes a deal that’s bigger than five figures? Yup. Zapier makes that possible too.

Want to check out our Zapier integration? Click here to get started. Or, you could just check out the Zaps below:

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