ATW 99: Will the 2020s Be A Better Decade for Publishers?

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by Melina Panitsidis on January 9, 2020 - 3 minute read

This next decade is for the publishers!

Firefox has a new data privacy feature, Meredith tests a new targeting tool, The Washington Post wants to give media companies more control, how ad tech is failing to meet consumer privacy demands, what the quality of media looks like in the future, and advertising vs subscription models.

2020s: The Decade For Publishers To Lean In

Publishers took a hit in the last decade but there is opportunity for them to take back control in the next one. If publishers want to change the direction of the industry to work in their favor they’ll need to get involved with standards and trade groups, work together, and focus on their strengths rather than putting effort into areas they can’t compete in.

Firefox Will Now Let You Delete Your Collected Data

Firefox is taking its data privacy stance a step further now that the CCPA is in full effect. The browser released a feature on January 7th that now allows users to delete all of their collected data. It’s worth noting though, Firefox collected little data before this update.

Meredith Mines Data Across its Sites for New Contextual Ad-Targeting Tool

Meredith has been testing a new contextual ad targeting tool since last spring that supports ad units based on a mix of viewed content across Meredith sites, location, and time data. The initial test saw a CTR of 5%. The targeting tool uses first-party data and retailer product information to match the ad with site content.

How The Washington Post is Taking Aim at ‘the Platforms’

The Washington Post wants to give media companies control over the distribution and monetization of their content. The outlet has been building software that plans to do exactly that according to Jarrod Dicker, VP of Commercial Technology & Development. AdAge caught up with Dicker at CES to get his thoughts on where the media industry is headed.

The Ad-Tech Industry Is Failing to Meet Heightened Consumer Expectations of Privacy

The new CCPA regulation, plus the increasing privacy demands of consumers has the ad tech industry feeling like its unprepared and struggling to keep up. According to recent research from BritePool, 88% of U.S. consumers place a lot of value in how their data is being used by companies. Consumer privacy expectations are only growing stronger making it critical for the ad tech industry to act fast.

The Future of Media Quality in Digital Advertising

Things like brand safety and fraud remain top concerns no matter how much digital advertising changes. A study from Harris Poll and DoubleVerify found that 90% of consumers think it’s a brand’s responsibility to advertise next to safe content. Here are some trend predictions expected to influence media quality in the future.

Advertising vs Subscription

Online advertising has caused a lot of disruption on the internet forcing media companies to seek alternative revenue streams. As the web becomes even more saturated with ads, consumers are turning towards other options— subscriptions. Now media companies need to work on finding a balance between the two models.