ATW 105: TikTok & Apple search ads are leading ROI for digital ad spend

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by Melina Panitsidis on February 19, 2020 - 2 minute read

If you’re still confused with the CCPA regulation, we have some good news.

The California Office of the Attorney General is making CCPA rules clearer for businesses, EU’s plan to bring ethics and transparency rules to AI, how to be CCPA compliant and increase ROI, data sharing deals between the UK and the EU, and the platforms leading ROI for digital ad spend.

California’s Data Privacy Rules Get Clearer

The California Office of the Attorney General is working to modify the CCPA to make regulations more clear. Final iterations haven’t been published yet but some key areas the CAG is working to clear up include the scope of data and businesses subject to CCPA processes, how opt-out requests work, and rules on how to provide consumer notices.

EU’s New AI Rules Will Focus on Ethics and Transparency

The European Union wants more transparency for artificial intelligence. The EU is looking to take a different approach to AI than the United States and China to remain competitive. The proposal includes building a new data ecosystem that has an annual cost of $22 billion. The European Commission will have an official legislation proposal later this year.

7 Ways to Be CCPA Compliant and Improve ROI in 2020

The CCPA has raised a lot of concern among marketers and how it will impact their processes. Here, marketing experts share their recommendations for getting CCPA compliant while also improving ROI. Tips include being respectful of consumer data, avoiding lead sharing among partners, and informing customers about data privacy.

The UK’s Data Sharing Deals with Europe are About to Get Real Messy

With Brexit happening, the UK and the EU need to make an agreement on how data will flow without the UK taking a major hit. According to Wired, the UK has two options in mitigating the negative implications Brexit might cause. The country can either agree to data protection contracts on a company basis or agree to an adequacy decision deal.

TikTok, Apple Search Ads Lead the ROI for Digital Ad Spending

Marketing intelligence platform, Singular, has reported that TikTok could prove to be a beneficial ad platform for app developers. Ad spend on the social platform from May to November jumped 75 times. The company also highlighted Apple search ads and how it has helped boost sales.

How to Use Brave’s Tools to Protect Your Privacy While Browsing

The Brave browser makes it easy for users to protect their privacy. This guide shares the different features and security settings the browser has so you can customize the way you use the platform.