ATW 100: Google is Saying Goodbye to the Cookie (In Two Years)

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by Melina Panitsidis on January 16, 2020 - 2 minute read

Apple has sparked a location data shortage.

Google’s plan to phase out third-party cookies, Hulu adds new ad formats to its lineup, the impact Apple’s privacy features have had on the location-based ad market, how TikTok plans to help publishers, and what adtech can expect from Chrome’s cookie-less browser.

Google to ‘Phase Out’ Third-Party Cookies in Chrome

Google is following in the footsteps of Safari and Firefox and phasing out third-party cookies— but the company is taking its time (two years to be exact) in doing so. Google plans to replace cookies with new solutions that are less invasive but still effective.

Hulu to Debut New Ad Formats in 2020

Hulu is adding new formats to its already extensive user-friendly lineup this year. The new ad formats are aimed at creating a less disruptive user experience overall. The new rollout will give users a say in the ads they see and give them the opportunity to directly engage with brands.

UK Regulator Worried About Big Tech’s Chokehold on Digital Advertising

Last year, the UK’s Competition & Market Authority launched an investigation into Google and Facebook’s data collection practices. The investigation also looked into if the tech giants’ practices were harming competition in the digital advertising space and whether or not these data collection practices are beneficial to consumers.

Apple’s New Privacy Features Have Further Rattled the Location-Based Ad Market

Since the release of Apple’s iOS 13 update, there is less location data to go around. The update gave users different options when it came to sharing their location data with specific apps. Opt-in rates that were close to 100% have now dropped under 50%, making it clear that consumers do not want to share their location data.

TikTok Courts Publishers With a Dedicated Team and Content Ideas

TikTok wants to help publishers make money off of its short-form video platform. While the platform hasn’t officially rolled anything out yet, it has been working to make itself beneficial to publishers. The company has a dedicated team to help publishers grow their respective audiences and will soon help them earn money from branded content on the platform.

As Google Chrome Crumbles the Third-Party Cookie, What's Next for Adtech?

Google’s 66% ownership of the browser market has people concerned over how blocking cookies will impact the overall market and adtech as a whole. Adtech companies, especially those focused on retargeting, will need to adapt to these changes while brand awareness and direct response campaigns will become more relevant.