ATW 83: Facebook Has A Shiny New Privacy Tool

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by Melina Panitsidis on August 29, 2019 - 3 minute read


Facebook is rolling out a new privacy tool.

The future for verification & measurement companies, how facial recognition can detect your emotions, Amazon’s maturing advertising business, and Google’s warning on killing off the cookie.

How Facebook’s New Privacy Tool Will—or Won’t—Affect Its Ad Business

Facebook has recently announced Off-Facebook Activity, a new tool that allows users to anonymize their third-party data. Additionally, the data can’t be used to target ads. The company expects their ad revenue to take a hit due to this new feature but experts say the financial impact will be insignificant.

Google Says Killing the Cookie Has Consequences

Google is hard at work trying to find cookie alternatives that will have less impact on publisher revenue. According to a Google study, publisher revenue dropped 52% with the removal of cookies. The company also warned that banning cookies has led to alternative tactics that can still identify users such as fingerprinting.

Reflecting On A Decade Long Journey of Verification and Measurement Companies: What Lies Ahead?

The ad industry has come a long way since the first digital display ad appeared in 1994— 25 years ago. Over the years the industry has evolved significantly creating its own unique challenges. Issues surrounding quality and fraud have led to the importance of verification and measurement companies. This article dives into what led the industry here and where it's going in the future.

Facial Recognition Will Be Watching and Storing Your Emotions and Data

Amazon’s facial recognition software, Rekognition, can now identify emotions such as fear, happiness, sadness, and anger. The most popular use cases for facial recognition are authentication and identification. Different organizations see the technology’s benefits, but have they considered the potential risks? Facebook, Google, and other tech companies are also narrowing their focus on facial recognition technology.

‘A Growing Ecosystem’: With New Partner Directory, Amazon Signals Maturity Of Its Ad Business

Amazon continues to rapidly grow its advertising business. The company recently released a directory of managed-service providers and tools showing more influence and maturity of their ad platform. The directory is meant to help brands find the right partners in a growing ecosystem.

‘An Extremely Disturbing Trend’: EU Regulators Take Aim At Tech Platforms’ Use Of Audio

Audio data handling is the latest practice to land on European regulators’ radars. Google and Facebook are under investigation for how they’re using audio data. A major concern with audio data practices is that these tech platforms didn’t clarify how much they were actually recording and what they planned on doing with this data. Other tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft utilize similar practices but are currently not under investigation.

Amazon Is Testing A Clean Room Service, Giving Advertisers Access To New Data Sets

A data clean room refers to walled gardens sharing aggregated data with advertisers rather than customer-level data. Amazon is in the process of creating such technology “that could improve measurement and data for ad campaigns.” These clean rooms will provide cohort-level data of a group of users that engaged with a campaign containing specific attributes.