ATW 103: Does advertising make the world a better place?

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by Melina Panitsidis on February 6, 2020 - 2 minute read

Shedding some light on advertising’s positive side.

How the ad experience will be reinvented, what a cookie-free world means for all major industry players, how consumers feel about facial recognition used for advertising (hint: it’s not good), real-time bidding makes its way into the app world, and Google becomes more collaborative in the industry.

4 Key Ways the Ad Experience Will Be Reinvented in the Next Decade

Ad Age’s quarterly trend report is showing signs of major changes to the ad industry in the next ten years. The report notes the four major trends to keep an eye on are data privacy (nothing new here!), new media choices, agency processes, and consumers.

What Next for Advertisers, Ad-Tech and Publishers in a Cookie-Free World?

By 2022, the third-party cookie will be history. What does that mean for industry players? That depends on the role you play. Here is how a cookie-free digital ecosystem will impact advertisers, publishers, walled gardens, and ad tech companies as a whole.

Consumers Warm Up to Facial Recognition to Keep Them Safe, but for Marketing and Advertising, No Thanks

Facial recognition technology is becoming popular with law enforcement and government organizations as safety and security measures. Consumers seem to be warming up to these technologies being used for public safety with 65% of US adults putting their trust in law enforcement agencies to use them responsibly. However, consumers are heavily against these technologies being used for advertising purposes.

Apps Are Finally Embracing RTB, And Startups Smell Opportunity

Programmatic is finally making its way to mobile apps. Up until now there were a few technical barriers in introducing a real-time bidding system to the mobile world. Startups are now emerging to capitalize on this shift and help change the way developers buy media.

42% of People Believe Ads Can Change the World, Despite Trust Crisis

46% of adults think advertising has a positive impact in the world even though trust in advertising hit an all time low last year. Consumers do however want advertisers to take more ownership over more serious issues like mental health and environmental issues.

Google Extends A Hand To Programmatic As Its Privacy Rules Shake Up The Industry

Google seems to be more collaborative with the industry now that the company will start blocking third-party cookies. The tech giant has been known for pushing back on industry initiatives in the past but is coming around because of unavoidable industry shifts.