ATW 94: Another Week, Another Ad Tech Acquisition

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by Melina Panitsidis on November 14, 2019 - 2 minute read


Microsoft wants to protect all of its consumers across the US.

DoubleVerify acquires a publisher-side analytics platform, connected TV continues to grow, more evidence on why contextual targeting is making a comeback, the evolution of programmatic advertising, and why brands should take consumer data privacy relationships seriously.

Microsoft to Extend California Privacy Protections Across U.S.

Microsoft is taking the California Consumer Privacy act a step further and extending the core protections to their customers across the US. While most tech companies are concerned over the new privacy laws and hope for weaker protections, Microsoft is calling for further provisions.

DoubleVerify Adds Publisher-Side Capability With Acquisition of Ad-Juster

DoubleVerify announced their acquisition of the analytics and reporting platform Ad-Juster. The DoubleVerify platform is mainly focused on the buy-side while Ad-Juster is focused on the publisher-side. The company’s CEO explained this acquisition will “create a holistic measurement & analytics solution across the entire digital ecosystem.”

CTV Media Spending Will Soar 38% to $7B This Year

Connected TV is expected to grow 5.3% this year. And according to research from eMarketer, CTV media spend will also increase 38% this year. This increase could be related to the disruption the OTT space is experiencing with the number of new services tech companies are releasing.

State Privacy Laws Ignite The Contextual Targeting Opportunity

The implementation of new state privacy laws creates a huge opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of less legally complex strategies like contextual targeting. Contextual advertising isn’t a new concept, but advances in technology have made it an even more powerful and scalable option for marketers to dive into.

How Programmatic Evolved Within 8 Years

Where did programmatic all start and where does it fit in the future of the advertising industry? This article dives into programmatic and how it has evolved over the years along with challenges programmatic faces given new privacy regulations, and predictions for 2020.

It’s Time for Brands to Be Good Guys in the Consumer Data Privacy Relationship

With consumers finally understanding how valuable their data is it’s no longer an option for brands to dismiss poor practices in how they handle this data. The sooner brands show some goodwill in their data practices the more competitive they can remain in the changing digital landscape.